Come Out and Meet the Brotherhood for 2020 Fall Rush! 


IFC Fall Rush:

IFC Day 1: Thursday, September 10, from 4-7pm

                                                                                                   ZOOM LINK: https://msu.zoom.us/j/94973007708

                                                  ID: 949 7300 7708

IFC Day 2: Tuesday, September 25, from 4-7pm

                                                                                                        ZOOM LINK: https://msu.zoom.us/j/98506674751

                                                ID: 985 0667 4751

During IFC Fall Rush, meet some of our Brothers and ask any questions you may have. This is a casual event, and is not mandatory from our chapter for you to attend. 

Dresscode: Casual

Meet the Brothers:

Meet the Brothers Night 1: Monday, September 21, from 7-9pm ZOOM ID: 953 5337 2187

Meet the Brothers Night 2: Tuesday, September 22, from 7-9pm ZOOM ID: 954 5662 6973

During Meet the Brothers, you will be able to meet our Brothers and we can learn more about you! 

Dresscode: Casual

*You do not have to attend both sessions, however it is recommended so you can meet the Brotherhood*


Interested In Joining?

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Rush Information: 

Due to COVID-19, this fall we will not be hosting a traditional rush process as we typically would. Instead, we will be doing something called continuous bidding. This means that we will be actively recruiting members throughout the fall semester. Potential members will be invited to attend our professional and social events.


We look forward to meeting you!

Please Contact our Vice President or Rush Chair with any questions:

VP: Roman Petrusha: (248) 765-6872, petrush8@msu.edu

Rush: Koryn Pennebaker: (248) 763-4182, penneba5@msu.edu

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